Automatic Welding Positione Tilt Welding Turntable Rotator
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Automatic Welding Positione Tilt Welding Turntable Rotator


Product Description

Welding Positioner

1. Welding positioner is mainly composed of worktable revolving unit and tilting unit and electric control system .
2. It has powered tilting and revolves, making the work-piece at ideal position .
3. Worktable rotation is controlled by step-less frequency conversion to achieve a best welding speed .
4. Revolve unit is driven by motor. It has a precise speed-adjusting and reliable position.
5. Remote control box can realize the remote operation of workbench, also can connect with operating machines to realize linkage operation.
6. Set aside interface to realize linkage work with manipulator and hanging automatic welding machine achieve automatic welding center .
7. Used to pressure vessel, metallurgy, electrical power, chemical industry, mechanical and metal structure .
8. Customized designs are welcome .
BY-300 welding turntable is a type of automatic turntable, there are ON/OFF knob, FORWARD / REVERSE knob, speed adjustable knob in control panel, after finishing adjusting , only need to press the relate knob to achieve automatic welding. it can works in MIG/MAG,CO2AND TIG welding process. Making a set of specila circurn ferential automatic welding system, this welding positioner is suitable for circular and ring workpiece , for example: spares parts for car, pipe, flange, bellows and other metals parts which need mass of circumferential welding.
Characteristic of welding turntable
2.The overturning structure of worm and gear has the function of self-lock , and the worktable can be turned steplessly between 0~90
3.special disign of anti-electromagnetic , which reduces the high frequency interference of tig' s welding , and can improve the welding quality effectively .
4.a self-controller can be furnished to control the working condition and working time , whicn can achieve the linkage of the positioner and welder .
5.The ajustable-welding gun support can be furnished to fix the position of the welding torch .
6.the track and air-powered tip can be furnished to achieve the function of self- holding to the workpieces

Auotmatic Submerged Arc Welding Center( welding column and positioner work together)
1. The workpiece fixed on the table of positioner.
2. The welding torch fixed on the end of boom of welding colum.
3.When start welding, the workpiece together with the table of positioner begin rotating ,and make a circular seam welding.

Technical Parameter:

BHB Welding Positioner
Load cap.(kg)10030060010002000300050008000100001500020000
Rotation speed(rpm)0.1-10.2-20.1-1.10.1-10.09-0.90.08-0.80.07-0.70.06-0.60.06-0.60.05-0.50.05-0.5
Flip speed(rpm)≈0.9≈0.9≈0.8≈0.5≈0.4≈0.3≈0.2≈0.14≈0.14≈0.14≈0.14
Table diameter (mm)Φ300Φ600Φ800Φ1000Φ1200Φ1400Φ1600Φ2000Φ2000Φ2000Φ2500
Maximum eccentricity(mm)100150150250250250250200200200200
Max gravity center distance(mm)150200250300350400400400400500630
Table flip angle(°)0-1200-1200-1200-1200-1200-1200-1200-1200-1200-1200-120
Rotary motor power(kw)
Tilting motor power(kw)By hand0.250.371.11.52.23445.57.5
90 ° swing diameter≤600≤1000≤1500≤1500≤2000≤2300≤2800≤3200≤3200≤3400≤3400
Speed modeRotating speed  VFD
Tilting speed constant

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