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Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel PPGI HDG


Product Description

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coils

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheet in Coil (GI) is produced by passing the Full Hard sheet which has undergone the acid washing process and rolling process through the zinc pot, thereby applying zinc film to the surface. It has excellent corrosion resistance, paintability, and workability due to Zinc’s characteristic. Usually hot dipped galvanized steel sheet and galvanized steel coil process and specifications are basically the same.

Hot-dip galvanizing is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel sheet or iron sheet, to prevent rusting.

  • Excellent anti-corrosion, paintability, and processability due to the self-sacrificing characterisiticof zinc.

  • Available to select and produce the desired amount of zinc gilded and in particula enables thick zinc layers(maximum 120g/m2).

  • Classified as either zero spangle or extra smooth depending on wheteher the sheet undergoes skin pass treatment.


Product name Galvanized Steel Coil
Material CGCC, DX51D,Q195,Q235
Grade SGCC,DX51D+Z
Zinc Coating 20-120g/m2
Thickness 0.13-0.8 mm
Width 600-1250 mm
Coil ID 508/610mm
Coil weight 3-8tons
Surface Structure Mini/Big Spangle
Surface Treatment Anti-Finger printing ,Chromated, oiled/ non-oiled
Package standard export package (Detailed picture is as follows)
Hardness soft (normal), hard, full hard(G300-G550)
HS code 721049
Brand name COSASTEEL
Country of origin China
Business type Supplier and manufacturer

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheets

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Sheet’s specifications is thickness(0.14-1.0mm), width(600–1250mm). It is used for producing garage door, roofing tile, work shop construction, safety fence. Galvanised steel sheet’s properties make it tough enough for most exterior projects.

According the surface for galvanized steel sheet, there are big spangle,mini spangle and zero spangle.


Product name Galvanized Steel Sheets
Zinc Coating 20-120g/m2
Thickness 0.14-1.0mm
Width 600-1250 mm
Length custom
Thickness Tolerance +0/-0.001
Width Tolerance +/-0.06
Length Tolerance +/-0.06
Surface Structure Mini/Big Spangle
Surface Treatment Anti-Finger printing ,Chromated, oiled/ non-oiled
Finish Galvanized

Production Video

Surface Finish

Surface Structure Mini Spangle Big Spangle
Weight of zinc coating Zinc > 20g/sm Zinc > 30g/sm
Surface Finish

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Coil&Sheet Production Line

The manufacturing of galvanized steel coil&sheet with good weather resistance, primarily used in construction.

Galvanized production process

Galvanized steel coils production process:

  1. Uncoiler

  2. Welder

  3. Entry Looper

  4. Pre-treatment

  5. Annealing Furnace

  6. Zinc Pot

  7. Cooling Tower

  8. Water Quench Tank

  9. Skin Pass

  10. Tension Leveler

  11. Passivation Coater

  12. Exit Looper

  13. Recoiler

Galvanized Coating Layer

  • Anti-Finger printing ,Chromated, Oiled/ non-oiled

  • Zn Plating Layer (20-120g/sm)

  • Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

Quality Control

Use bending machine, pencil hardness tester, gloss meter, meteorologic tools, row lattice unit, micrometer tools, thickness gauge to control the quality of galvanized steel coil.

Packing Detail

Packaging Details:

  1. Each bare coil to be securely tied with two bands through the eye of coil (or not) and one circumferential.

  2. the contact points of these bands on the coil edge to be protect with edge protectors.

  3. Coil then to be properly wrapped with water proof /resistant paper, it then to be properly and completely metal wrapped.

  4. Wooden and iron pallet can be used or as your requirements.

  5. And each packed coil to be properly wrapped with band, three-six such band through the eye of coil at about equal distance.



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