Where can the Prepainted  galvalume steel be applied?
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Where can the Prepainted  galvalume steel be applied?

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Galvalume steel is a common industrial material. In the generation of galvalume steel, thin steel sheets are dipped into a molten zinc bath, which causes a layer of zinc to adhere to the surface of the thin sheet. It is mainly produced using the continuous galvanising process, whereby rolls of steel are continuously dipped into a bath of molten zinc to produce galvanised steel. The product we are introducing in particular is prepainted galvanised steel, and basic information about prepainted galvanised steel is presented in this article.

What are the Prepainted  galvalume steel applications?

The recommended reasons for using the prepainted galvanized steel.

Precautions for the use of prepainted galvanized steel.

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What are the Prepainted  galvalume stee applications?

Fire protection works

Prepainted galvalume steel is now the primary choice for fire protection water pipes and is very flexible. The outer layer of the galvalume steel pipe is then coated with a layer of paint and you can see the red fire hose, which is actually just formed by the galvalume steel processing.

Welding work

There is no doubt that Prepainted galvalume steel is very weldable. Nowadays, there are a lot of shed plants out there. In the past, they used to use welded steel pipes, but welded steel pipes are prone to rusting and have to be painted in order to prevent rusting.


Prepainted galvalume steel is used in agriculture for the construction of warm sheds and trellises. Prepainted galvalume steel can be installed without the need for scaffolding or any other auxiliary equipment and in a very short time.

In addition to the above mentioned scenarios, Prepainted galvalume steel can also be used in the construction, chemical and transport industries, etc. Prepainted galvalume steel has good adhesion, water and alkali resistance and chemical resistance, which makes Prepainted galvalume steel steel has a long service life.

The recommended reasons for using the prepainted galvanized steel.

High corrosion resistance

Zinc is more chemically active than iron. When galvanic corrosion occurs, it is the zinc that corrodes first rather than the iron, and the zinc oxide is relatively dense, which prevents further oxidation. As a result, Prepainted galvalume steel is three times more resistant to corrosion than galvanised steel. In addition, the area of galvalume steel is 3% or more larger than that of galvanised steel when the weight is the same and the thickness of the coating is the same.

A wide range

In recent years there has been a wide range of Prepainted galvalume steel. Due to the wide range of Prepainted galvalume steel, its characteristics, such as rapid forming technology and surface coating, have been greatly improved, and through the accumulation of technology, the production costs have been reduced and the appearance has become much better.

All in all, Prepainted galvalume steel is corrosion resistant, has increased strength, is resistant to deformation and is environmentally friendly and resistant to rusting.

Precautions for the use of prepainted galvanized steel.

Cold galvanised steel is a common type of Prepainted galvalume steel, which has a thin zinc layer that simply adheres to the base of the steel pipe and falls off easily. Therefore, its corrosion resistance is poor. In new housing, the use of cold galvanized steel pipes as water supply pipes is prohibited. In addition, although Prepainted galvalume steel is highly resistant to corrosion, Prepainted galvalume steel requires regular maintenance to avoid rusting.

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