High Speed Automatic Expanded Metal Machine
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High Speed Automatic Expanded Metal Machine

Chain Link Fence, also called Cyclone Fence or Diamond Mesh Fence. As a versatile Fence, Chain link Fences are the fastest and most cost-effective fence products on the market today. Typical applications for chain link fence include boundary, security, high security, and sports, therefore making it suitable for many types of property and use. Cheap chain link fences is made from galvanized or PVC coated iron wire, to fix with posts, brace, and fittings to build a chain-link fence system in the park, tennis court, airport, and other places. Also can be used for animal breeding. It is mainly divided into galvanized, PVC, PE-coated three products with easy construction and maintenance, bright colors, which are the preferred products to beautify the urban environment.
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Product Description

High Speed Automatic Expanded Metal Machine contain SINGLE WIRE AUTOMATIC and  CHAIN LINK FENCE MACHINE INSTRUCTION            

1. Summarize

Single wire full-automatic chain link fence machine is the dedicated devices for Coal mine, slope protection.

Also used in the production of wire mesh fencing,breeding fencing,etc.  This machine with servo motor,actuating principles,precision positioning,   low failure rate,easy operation,long service life.

Border wire knuckle                            Border wire twisted     


Compacting machine                                          Molds


2.Main technical parameters

Name of parameter


Numerical  value


Wire diameter



Special specifications can  be customized

Width of the mesh



Special specifications can be customized

Hole size



Depended on mold


Square meters










Galvanized wire




Total weight



3.The working principle and structure

After Wire into the mold and press the start button, the machine will according to the preset parameters to woven mesh under the control of computer.              

(1).Process is as follow


(2).Structure features:

This machine is mainly composed of main machine, automatic weaving machine,and automatic reeling machine.

1).Main machine

The main machine is mainly composed of coil stand,servo motor,Mold platform,knife,water tank,water pump,control system.

2).The automatic weaving machine is mainly composed of positioning needle,weaving system,bend edge system,reeling system.



For the setting only need to set the fence length setting and the chain

link number.

the fence length setting decide the fence width , how to set ? it depends the wire diameter , the mesh opening, the set way as follows :

Please kindly see above picture, the number as i mark depends on     the fence length setting, for example above picture is 2m width mesh, you

Count the number is 19 , so the setting fence length setting is 19 .

The chain link number setting decide the chain link fence length,

how to set?As follow

  Firstly weaving some mesh about 10m manually, then to count the number as i mark, for example, above is length 10m, the number is 4, so the chain link number setting 4 is ok.

 Remark : due to different wire galvanized wire or black wire , different wire diameter , different opening all effect the setting ,so the above method  is more accurate .

5.Adjustment and apply

(1).configuration and requirements for unit operating persons

In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine and the daily maintenance,in this unit,it should arrange one supervisory engineering staff graduated from mechanical and electrical professionals.We suggest each shift is equipped with 2 labor capacity,one for control system operation,one for mesh weaving,including the necessary lifting transportation.

The operator should be trained,to master the related knowledge about computer,electrical equipment and machinery operating.Be familiar with the operation procedures and safety matters at the corresponding level.It is strictly prohibited operating by without training persons.

In the process of commissioning and production,all the operators and maintainers should wear necessary labor protection appliance,such as safety goggles,safety hats,etc.

(2).Raw material galvanized wire, zinc ingots should be not less than No.1 zinc as GB470 standard. Zinc coating surface is smooth and hardness is consistent.

(3).Machine adjustment

Before opening the machine, please check the Electric system, Pneumatic system and all mechanical parts, clean and lubricate the linear bearings of mold. After confirming, then begin to prepare and adjust for the production.

When operator is adjusting and operating the machine, in order to avoid crowded injury accidents, please do not operate by two people at the same time, and be sure not to operate when cutting wires.

1).Open pump

2).Put wire on the coil stand and put the coil stand steady

3).Install mold.

4).Put wire into the mold

5).Manual netting

6).Put the knife in the vertical,and then try to cut the wire ,if it a little off,please adjust  platform.

Note:Don't put the hand on the knife when cutting wire,lest danger occur

7).Then let one wire fished bend,and then put the wire on the positioning pin,so make the mesh stabled.

8).At the same time ,ensure each wire positioning is consistent

9).Manual netting,when reach 1m,put the net on the winding reel(on the weaving machine).

Note :reel must be stuck on the two wire intersections.

10).Then adjust the edge,all around ,until adjust to the best position.

11).Then then machine can normal operation.

Note:Nets must tighten

12).Computer parameter setting:

Open the power source:it is the first interface.

Single wire length:it is for setting the chain link fence netting width

Total wire pcs:it is the length of one roll.

Roll pcs:it is the total capacity of roll

Positive jog:it is for adjusting the knife position in positive

Reverse jog:it is for adjusting the knife position is reverse

Speed up:it is for improving the working speed

Speed reduce:it is for reducing the working speed

Actual value:it is the actual value while machine working process

Set value:it is the for setting the value as demand

Proportion molecule:it is for setting the proportion of servo motor

Proportion denominator:it is for setting the proportion of machine optic axis

Auto speed:working speed in automatic

Manual speed:speed of jog.

Start up delay:it is the middle time for processing next procedure after the whole procedure is finished

Speed up time:it is the time for starting up the servo motor

Drag net time:mesh rolling time

Lockrand delay:it is the interrupt time between locating pin and lockrand.            


Servo motor doesn’t work

1.Check the line whether break off.

2.Set length in screen can not be 0.

3.Check the contractor whether burn out

4.Check the longitude and latitude stop whether working

Knife doesn’t work

1.Check the line whether break off

2. When cut wire, if the loading is large.It is hard to cut for motor.

3.If the sensor switch is bright

If weaving not well

1.check mesh is flat or uneven, if mesh is uneven and find which wire uneven, please elastic pressure wire wheel

2.Check the top clutch spring of the weaving machine is loose or not , if loose   please tighten up

3.The wire (after cut off)should be vertical with the net (hang on the weaving machine).

If bend edge not very well

1.Check if the bend is small , please adjust platform bottom of the mold

2.Check if the bend edge in place,if not in place,please let the Semicircle gear(bulge)nearer

Adjust the hand of the bend edge,level up the front-back

Packing: Standard export seaworthy packing.

Payment: T/T or L/C

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